Completing Our Perfect Jigsaw Puzzle

jigsaw puzzle, valentine thoughts

Completing Our “Perfect” Jigsaw Puzzle

“Love doesn’t mean You will always agree and never have an argument, it means despite the bad days you still can’t see yourself without that person.”

I am a firm believer in “destiny” and I believe those who are destined to be together will surely be, no matter where they are and how similar or different they are.

And that’s what happened when we being in different parts of the country first spoke on the first day of Valentine’s week ( though at that time that was a pure coincidence) but it makes complete sense now. That it was the beginning of a lifelong friendship and companionship which has witnessed different colors of the rainbow and with each adding color making it more beautiful and strong.

And everyone would agree that life is like a growing jigsaw puzzle where some people keep coming into your life and become a part of it, fitting perfectly into the complete picture of the puzzle. Our love kept growing and after a few years of our marriage, we found a new love, discovering parenthood together, welcoming the new one in our life, tiny feet and our bundle of joy who came and changed our lives forever made it extremely beautiful and who’s one smile can make the life just “Perfect”.

jigsaw puzzle, valentines day, valentine thoughts

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