Falling in Love One Day at a Time

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Falling in Love One Day at a Time

We first met through a common friend, we met a second time again to do favors for a common friend. Little did I know, I will end up marrying this cute acquaintance.

A couple of months went by & our common interests kept us in touch. After looking at hundreds of prospective brides &  a few prospective grooms on wedding websites, we had almost given up, in fact, this was one of the reasons that we reconnected, years later from our first meeting. Ours was an arranged cum friend marriage (If that’s a thing, I don’t know, it’s something you do when you marry a friend whom you have previously known).

But mind it, marriage ain’t no bed of roses guys. It was the most difficult level up of my life. Discovering the acquaintance cum friend becoming a husband, it’s different and numbing at times, especially, due to the lockdown in view of the corona pandemic. Being stuck at home all the time, in the first year of your marriage can be a bit frustrating, when you would like to have some quality time with your husband, go on a date night, or vacation & you can’t.

But with each passing day, we are discovering love little by little. We fight, We argue yet, by the end of the day, we end up sorting things out & then there are the good days when we just look at each other & we understand, we understand what the other is feeling & when just a simple hug from him becomes so comforting, it’s like a necessity in life.

gangotri, sumit, ghumakkad chatore            Every day the love keeps growing.

Our journey has just started, so I won’t say that we are perfect or soulmates or madly in love, but we are exploring life, getting to know each other, respect each other, understand each other & love each other for who we are. One thing is for sure, that every day when I get up in the morning & I look at him, I just keep falling in love with him day after day.

#ValentineThoughts for 2021, Take it one day at a time. Give love some time, believe me, it will bloom beautifully.

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