How I met my girlfriend?

valentines day, valentine thoughts, how i met my girlfriend

How I Met My Girlfriend?

Our first meeting was very dramatic, full lovey-dovey Bollywood style or probably Tollywood. But let me start with how we connected.


It was 1st Jan 2016,  I had just enrolled myself for Post Graduation in Pune. I was excited as a new chapter was about to start but god had also planned something for me. I was having my breakfast, thinking about my future plans when my phone pinged, “YOU LIVE IN MY CITY”. I looked at the sender’s name and was surprised, too many questions ran through my mind, I had heard her name many times but never had a conversation directly. After taking a long time like probably 5 seconds, I replied “YES” & that was it. It was a beginning, a beginning of something, something I had not planned for, but isn’t it how love is supposed to be? Sudden & unplanned, it hits you exactly when you are not expecting it at all.

 We started talking, our small talks converted into late-night chats and our chats got converted into long late hour calls. She was very supportive of my decision to pursue post-graduation. Sometimes I feel like if she would have not been there for me at that time, I would have never completed it. I had given up hope for my placement too, I wanted to come back home but she stood by me through it. She was never there physically with me but mentally, she was always there, she gave me all the help I needed in times of crises. And, finally, I got placed in a good company and before joining it, I wanted to see her, so we decided to meet in Bhopal. 

I was so happy & excited to finally meet her. I reached the bus station before time and was first to board my bus but its engine broke down in the middle of the journey, I was furious. After 2 hours of delay & exhaustion, I finally reached my destination. I got off the bus and when I saw her, all my fatigue disappeared. She was wearing a grey top and blue jeans, with her hair, flowing with the wind looking with curious & hopeful eyes, at every bus passing by her. Her eyes glittered as she noticed me standing on the other side of the road, by then all her exhaustion was long gone. I could see her smile which I’ll never forget in my life. The stress of the first meeting was gone as her happy face made me calm down. We greeted each other with a simple “Hi” and with no time our conversation started from how your journey was to “You A*hole, kitne late ho gaye sare plan ki watt laga di, tumne” (You are so late, the whole schedule is ruined).


We ate at a nearby famous food joint, with never-ending conversations. Not realizing fast enough that we were way too late to catch our train back home, we booked our cab and kept asking the driver to drive faster, the driver turned and said “bhaiya aap didi ko bhaga ke leke ja rahe ho kya ? (Are you eloping?)” & we both burst out laughing. We caught our train just in time and were seated, it was when she placed her head over my shoulder that I realized what I had been missing in my life. I looked at her and she fell asleep, looking so innocent, just like a baby, I would have kissed her but I stopped my thoughts. We were about to reach, so I tapped her on her shoulder to wake her up, at that moment our eyes met, we both zinged. She said “I don’t want this journey to end ”, I could see a tear roll down her eyes and feel her heart; The wait, the meeting, the separation, it was all too soon. We finally hugged each other and waved each other goodbye, as I deboarded the train, she stood by the door. I couldn’t move till the train disappeared from my site.

It’s been a couple of years now, we have been standing by each other rock-solid, we meet each other at every chance we could get, I wish & hope the time comes soon when you are here with me forever & always. I Love You, My Girlfriend.

valentines day, valentine thoughts, how i met my girlfriend

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