Living Life With No Excuses

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Living Life With No Excuses

I am 30 now and never been in a relationship so far and I don’t regret for still being a
single. Many a time the thought of having a relationship did cross my mind a couple of times.

But, on a funny note both my interests/crush during high school and college was already in a relationship. One year into my college life, I realized that most of my roommates & classmates were either having a relationship or a buddy group. Due to the language barrier, I was left with a small group of 3 single acquaintances, and out of them, 2 were always in sync, leaving me as the odd one out. The moment I felt that I am not the kind of person for whom relationship works, I started exploring the world of traveling & fell in love with it.

Most of my travel was solo trips and I found it to be more interesting, more fulfilling than being in a relationship. Solo trips and single’s life fall quite parallel with many

NO’s, no compromises, no commitments, no suggestions, no arguments and no second opinions.

You can be yourself and stay independent in your decisions which don’t affect others.

Travelling gave me more experience than a relationship would have ever given. It helped me to overcome my language problem which was the most needed one and apart from that, I was able to learn about different places, people, culture & their unique lifestyles.

Over the period of 4 years in my college life, I came across extreme landscapes from hot sandy deserts in the far west to the cold snowy mountains in the far east. The love for traveling grew over time and I made sure to travel to new places once in 2 months, which continues till now.

In my Point of view, Valentine’s Day is not only for those who have a love relationship, it’s for
everyone who has a love for something.

solo traveler

LOVE whatever you do and do whatever you LOVE.

“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regret.”

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