We Are Each Other’s Happy Place

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We Are Each Other's Happy Place

I remember vividly the first time I met him and so does he! He still laughs on the fact that I was wearing jogging shoes in a salsa class. I was there waiting for my class to start and there he came from behind asking me about the class timings…. and it all started there.

I found him super cute, soon after we started meeting oftenly. There was some level of comfort with him, in no time I could talk about anything and everything without any judgements from him. 

We fell in love and it was all dreamy, we stayed together even knowing that we had no future (of course that was the thought at that time). And as all the dreams come to an end, the time of our separation also came, which was a very hard time for us. Maintaining a long distance relationship & its  problems!!

But luckily for us, after a long break we met again and we hit it off from where we had left. It started again from friendship, it transformed into love and then to a lifelong promise. After a 5 long years of courtship with crazy laughter, fights, love, friendship, low & high moments, travelling and making memories. I subconsciously knew he was the One. The one I could fight endlessly & still be in Love!

There have been difficult moments, many in fact, separations, differences etc. but the fact that I don’t really think they were difficult, at this moment makes me sure we are on the right path, towards a good & happy life. Being in love is to be at peace and comfort for me….We are each other’s HAPPY PLACE…HOME!

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