Out Of This World

So many times I have dreamed of being out of this world, different and exotic. Who knew I literally was! It was unlike every other day, from school to gym and back home, I was tired and went to bed directly. When I opened my eyes, my room looked different, it was dark and there was something blurry all around me, I felt I was still dreaming. But, suddenly the blurry lines moved and transformed into peachy creatures, very much like humans but so different – extraterrestrial beings.

I looked around and realized something was wrong, I was not in my room, I was lying in the middle of a cemetery. Surrounded by translucent peachy human-like creatures from another world. They moved around swiftly, looking at me with intrigue, and then the alien touched my hand, and all of a sudden I could hear them communicate with my subconscious mind. They asked me about who I was and what are people on Earth-like.

They were reading me, my thoughts.

“wow, so that’s how you communicate”, I thought to myself.

The alien smiled. We discussed various subjects and I learned how similar they were to humans, and how nicely they had dealt with the environmental issues and depleting resources on their planet.

They told me they were space scientists, who wanted to visit Earth and thus wanted to research about us before trying to make any formal contact.

“Wow, I am special. In the future, if these aliens will shake a friendly hand or not with Earth depends on what I tell them” I thought to myself, “Urgh, that’s power”. I found myself grinning at the thought of it.

However, my space friend was still holding my hand and spoke to me,

” You dear are one of the people we will interview, but yes you are special because you are one of the chosen ones, if not the chosen one.” The alien winked at me.

The whole day we talked and it was amazing, like Augmented Reality, I could experience all of their memories and live through them, sitting in the middle of a graveyard. They also had a Democratic government but the rules were made and passed by the people.

“Now, that’s democracy”, I thought.

They valued knowledge and passed it on to generations with scriptures from the past in their most raw form. The trees on their planet moved and talked, offering fruits and vegetables as a polite service towards the community on their own terms. They worshiped nobody, the only form of worship they knew was gratitude and kindness towards everyone. Their religion was Kindness.

Knowing this new world makes me feel ecstatic, it felt like the best day of my life. I wanted them to take me away with them to their planet. I wonder how we have corrupted our world, how we have misused ours in the power search and to fulfill our greed. We have forgotten the basic religion of Humanity, Kindness & Humility.

A few moments later, I saw the streak of sunshine and the translucent waves disappear. I looked around, and everything looked clear. I kept wondering to myself if I had been dreaming all this when I heard a beeping monitor which said “See you soon my friend.”

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