Writer, Dreamer & a Curious soul. Letting the gates of imagination wide open, the diva brings some light-hearted real & fictional stories to life.

The Meticulous Diva takes you on a journey towards a healthy skincare & haircare routine with true product reviews.

Our Philosophy

Together at Divazthoughts, we walk the path towards woman empowerment & equality. We are the non-judgedging breakfast club! Divazthoughts is a platform for similar souls to speak their minds out loud & be heard! Pieces of artistic creations, be it a beautiful way of one’s words or magnificent colours being brought together to tell a tale. Love yourself & your roots! 

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The Queen's Gambit

Stories of empowered women & their struggles.
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Travelling Diva

Adventure indeed is worthwhile in itself. Stories of women travelling around the world & exploring life.
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International Women's Day 2021

She is Love, She is Strength, She is Knowledge,
She is a World within a World...
Valentine Day

Valentine's Day

Remember, the first time you felt those butterflies, you had your first kiss or when you felt at peace when your bae hugged you or the joy that you felt when your crush spoke to you for the first time.
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