I love you 3000

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I love you 3000

The time we started dating & now, a lot has changed. We have changed, our relationship has changed and our responsibilities have changed but what has not changed is our friendship, our bond and understanding that we developed being friends, lovers, a married couple and now parents.

I still remember the time when we started dating a decade back, it was not a decision I would have made at that time but now I am glad I did. You have always been my best friend from the time I can remember, I can just come to you anytime for anything.

You are my emotional support and you are the reason for my tears too (sometimes), you make me laugh, you make me blush but you are the only one I want to see when I am in trouble. Thank you for being there for me and understanding me all these years.

Happy valentine’s day, I LOVE YOU 3000

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