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So I gave Kofol Gargle, Chewable Tablets, Syrup, and Immunity Tablets a try recently. And I’m really pleased with it!! These are manufactured by charak pharma private limited.
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Read this article to get my honest opinion on it.

Kofol Gargle

About Kofol Gargle

A Herbal, Non-Alcoholic Gargle: Kofol Gargle is an Ayurvedic product of Charak for the fast and complete solution of sore throat and its related symptoms. This 100 ml bottle of Kofol Gargle contains the properties of various natural ingredients, including Tulsi, Bibhitaki, Pudina, Alum, etc. The medication is suitable for all age groups, with no side effects.

Chemical-free formula! Kofol: Gargle is a non-alcoholic gargle with a cool minty flavor. This herbal recipe of throat cleaning helps in gives relief from discomfort and leaves no bitter aftertaste.

Complete Relief from Sore Throat: Charak’s Kofol Gargle is a blend of antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of various medically-beneficial herbs.


Helps with sore throats.
Pain in the throat is relieved quickly.
It has a calming and relaxing impact.
There is no unpleasant aftertaste.

My Review On It:

Indian Ayurveda at its best. Free from harmful chemicals. I take it undiluted when the throat irritation is severe. Can be taken with very little dilution in normal circumstances. The bottle content lasts for five to six if gargled twice daily.
Once I feel itchy or sore throat , immediately I will gargle 20ml of this syrup for 1 minute. with in 5 minutes I can feel the effect of this medicine.

Kofol Syrup

About Kofol Syrup

Cough & Sore Throat Ayurvedic Remedy Using Clinically Tested Herbs. Potent herbs such as Shunthi, Tulsi, Vasa, and others are used in Kofol Syrup. They have a cooling action that efficiently heals and soothes your throat while also providing pain relief from excessive coughing. The syrup is effective against dry, mucosal, and regular coughs.


It’s good for both productive and dry coughs.
Mucosal inflammation is reduced (sore throat)
Provides relief from a variety of coughs.

My Review On It:

I took this medication and had warm like water after having it. My cold and cough gone next few days. I recommend very strongly to everyone who feels to get well soon from cold and coughing. In my family kids, youngers and seniors all are having it when required and are getting best results.

Kofol Chewable Tablets

About Kofol Tablets

Say No to Bad Breath: Kofol Chewable Tablets is a composition of medically-beneficial plants, rich in anti-inflammatory properties. It helps in cough and its related discomforts, freeing you from the problems of bad breath.

Faster Relief from Sore Throat: Kofol Chewable Tablets of Charak are Ayurvedic tablets formulated to help in relieve the consumer from all the throat related problems, like soreness, pain, cough, etc. One pack of this medicine contains 60 tablets to help you get rid of the inflammation and irritation of the throat. The tablet is completely sugar-free, hence, can be used by anyone, including diabetic patients.

Versatile Combo of Herbs: Charak’s Kofol CT brings together the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and cooling effects of medical plants to helps dealing with various problems related to the throat.


Soothes a sore throat.
Inflammation is reduced.
Coughing pain and discomfort are relieved using this product.
Relieves spasms brought on by a lot of coughing

My Review On It:

I am using this tablet for the last few weeks and I would say this is the best tablet to stop the throat irritation/infection in initial days. If you feel any irritation in the throat due to some reason like you eat curd, ice cream, or something else that may trigger the throat infection, take this tablet for 3 a day and you will be ok.
I love it.
Great Product Charak!

Kofol Immunity Tablets

About Kofol Tablets

Ayurvedic Immunity Booster: Kofol Immunity Tablets of Charak are the Ayurvedic immunity boosters for all age groups. This little bottle with 60 tablets carries a complete healthcare recipe for the entire family, with no side effects. The medication strengthens the defense system of your body to fight against various external environment infections, like cold, cough, viral infections, etc.

Improve Your Family’s Defense System: Charak’s Kofol Immunity Tablets are a natural nutrient-rich formulation to guard your body against the attack of germs, viruses, and infections. The tablets are equally effective in boosting the immunity of both – children and adults.

Hundred Percent Herbal Formula:  Kofol Immunity Tablets impart the health-giving properties of different herbs, like Giloy, Haldi, Pippali, etc. into your body. It not only prepares your body to fight against infections but also helps in promotes faster recovery from them.
With the highest concentration of Giloy: One of the main ingredients well – known as an immunity booster. It helps to build immunity, reduces stress, controls blood sugar levels and also helps in digestion.


Ayurvedic Immunity Booster for Whole-Family Wellness
There are no negative effects because it is 100% Ayurvedic.
Expert Ayurvedic physicians created this formula.
Giloy/Guduchi, Haldi, Shunti, Pippali, and other known herbs are used in this potent combination.
Strengthens the body’s defensive system against colds, coughs, and viral illnesses during the season
Aids in the recovery from infections.
Suitable for the entire family – including children and the elderly

My Review On It:

They are quite beneficial in providing you with inner power to battle illnesses.
It is a must-have and desirable item for everyone because of its unique composition, which, unlike other products, does not provide immediate results but instead gradually increases your power.
Although it should be promoted as a time-limited immunity booster with a certain number of weeks to begin working. This should be disclosed or marketed so that the general public understands and may confidently eat it.

Before I end up my article, here is a small intro about  Charak Pharma Private Limited

Leaders in Ayurveda for 74 years Charak products are 100% natural, pass through stringent quality checks & are exported to 35-countries.

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