Trichup Keratin Shampoo & Hair Mask Review

Having happy and healthy hair is something everyone desires. For this purpose, hair care is an important part of your daily routine. Taking the utmost care of your hair can not be stressed enough. And the first step in this is choosing the proper hair care products. Apart from this, a good hair spa works wonders. Trichup Keratin Shampoo and Hair Mask by Vasu Health Care are two amazing hair care products for a perfect salon-like hair treatment at home.

Hair damage is a common problem especially with the seasonal changes. It is something that we all hate and want to fight real bad. On the verge of trying and testing multiple shampoos, I came across Trichup shampoo from Vasu care and thought to give it a shot. After all, what could go wrong when your hair damage is already at its peak? So, I gave this shampoo a try. The packaging is quite simple with all the ingredients listed on it. Since the shampoo claims that it is free from SLES and Parabens, I restored my faith in it and started trying. After two weeks of trying Trichup shampoo, I am ready to review this product and share its pros and cons with my audience.

My Personal View on ‘Trichup Keratin Shampoo’

Trichup Keratin Shampoo is fortified with Keratin protein, which forms a layer over the hair replacing the lost Keratin and rebuilds strength, returns elasticity and reduces breakage. It also contains suitable conditioners to leave hair healthy, shiny and frizz-free. This is a super moisturizing shampoo that leaves your hair feeling smooth and conditioned. It keeps oil at bay and all suits hair types, from curly to chemically treated. Also, the smoothing results last until you wash our hair again.

Let’s Have A Look At Its Pros And Cons Now-


Good for all hair types
Gentle formula
Comes with inbuilt conditioner


Fragrance is not very prominent

My Personal View on ‘Trichup Keratin Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask Review’

The other product from the same brand that I use for my hair care is Trichup Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask. This mask too is enriched with keratin and can help with repairing damages. Formula, again has no Parabens and Silicones, which is obviously a good thing for your hair.

With keratin as its major ingredient, this hair mask can be used for deep conditioning at home. You can avail the benefits of a hair spa with this product. All you need to do is wash your hair, apply this hair mask evenly on hair strands and then wrap in a hot towel. Rinse thoroughly after 10-15 minutes. This process locks in the smoothness in your hair.

Made for the convenience of users, this is one of the best hair masks that can be used at home.

Let’s Have A Look At Its Pros And Cons Now-


Easy to use
Thick consistency
Easy to spread formula
Deeply conditions hair


Comes in a big tub pack which makes the usage gross.

So this was all about these products. Given below is my real time experience!

The formula of both shampoo and mask is super smooth and can be applied without any hassle. There is no special step involved while using these products. It is simple hair care and nothing else. My hair was really frizzy when I used these products and after using them I actually noticed few changes like less tangles, smoother hair and shinier hair. Also, it didn’t take a lot of time to use these products. The entire application process is on YouTube. You can check it there.

Hope you find this review of Trichup Shampoo and Hair Mask useful. Take care Divas!!!

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